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Suction Pad Hook-Small hook

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Material: Rubber suction pads, 304 stainless steel hooks

Size:L 69mm* W 31mm* Diameter55mm(long hooks)




Product Benefits

- Multipurpose use

- Drill-free without damaging walls/tiles

- Easy and fast installation

- Strong adsorption

- Free consumables 

- reusable



Product Concept

S-Super Hook have obtained the American functional invention patent and the Multi-Countries product patent. It can be used safely in the kitchen, bathroom and other humid environment.

In addition to tiles, glass and other plane surfaces, they can also stick to slightly rough surfaces. If used it correctly, the adsorption capacity can stretch up to half of a year and be used repeatedly.


Directions to Use

1. Before using the hook, use the alcohol pad, included, to wipe the suction surface clean, leave to dry before using the product.

2. Press the suction pad and buckle the clinch fastener to plying-up.

3. Before re-using, if the suction cup surface is stained with dust, please wipe it clean, let it dry and start using.

4. Long hook: Suitable for hanging a single item such as kitchenware, pots, clothing and so on.

5. Small hook: Suitable for hanging all types of baskets (need to use two powerful suction pad hooks).



1. Avoid hanging fragile and easily damaged items, valuables.

2. If suction cup is removed and is to be re-used, it is recommended to loosen the pressure fastener, leave it for 24 hours and then re-put in place, the effect will be better.

3. If adsorption is too strong, use a spoon or any other items to stretch the rubber surface to facilitate its removal.

4. Do not hang items exceeding 3kg on the hook.

5. Do not use on concrete wall, sand wall, wallpaper, wall covering, bricks, unprocessed wood



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